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Light A Fire

"Light A Fire"

New upload folks! For the New Year...a song about starting over. You can stream it from the "ReverbNation" tab on this site or click on the song title link above to get it on iTunes. Thanks!

Light A Fire
Words & Music by Norm Zabala
© 2011 Norm Zabala (SOCAN) (SODRAC)

Windshield wipers ticking away like a metronome in the rain
Visions of a subway dwarf laughing inside my brain
Funny what a year can do
What you can win from the things you lose

So I don my former disguise and stand naked on the stage
Holding back the tears from the years overshadowed by envy and rage
The storm is passing over now
I can finally see far beyond the clouds

Where there's a new life that's beginning
Upon a road much less deceiving
Now with every new dawn breaking...with every new dawn breaking
We'll light a fire...we'll light a fire

Didn't get much sleep last night, Jersey girl was in my head
Shoulda told her not to drive, I could've taken her home instead
She call…