It's been a busy month. First of all I just wanna shout out a huge "THANK YOU" to all those who have purchased my album and/or have shown their support through their comments, emails, and sharing my links. You are all very much appreciated! Word of mouth via fans, friends, family can be so exponentially powerful! Thank you very much.

Last June 25th, I performed with world music artist Florence K at the Montreal International Jazz Festival then it was off to Ottawa for 3 days of intense rehearsals for the Canada Day Celebrations on Parliament Hill. We met the Duke and Duchess, we performed live in front of 300 000 people and live TV. We played 4 of her hit songs in total; "Little Angels", "El Silencio", "Las Calles Del Sur" and "Si Jamais", and if I may humbly add that I co-wrote the last 2 with her. It was a truly memorable experience. "Hey Flo! You were great as always! A true pro! Thanks for everything!"

Afterwards I stayed in Ottawa to perform with singer/songwriter Nathalie Khoriaty for the Ottawa Jazz Festival promoting her brand new debut CD release "Mississippi Love". What a rewarding experience it was to learn her tunes! Watch for it big time! Brilliant compositions! Intelligently written and touching. Among others, the song "Jimmy" written about a mutual friend who has long since passed on. He will be missed. "Nat you are a wonderful person and an amazing artist! Looking forward to future projects with you".

Presently, I am planning an official CD launch to coincide with a video release for the song "Dance With You" and preparing a set for the upcoming traditional Filipino celebration called "Pista Sa Nayon". For those of you who have already asked me about my next CD release. Well, it's still pretty early but I did manage to compile an initial batch of tunes that are already completed. I plan to start recording them in early 2012 and hopefully have them ready for release by next summer.

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