Under The Carseat

Hi Everyone!

Just letting you know that I uploaded another song "Under The Carseat" from my CD "The Woodshed Sessions". I hope you enjoy it. 

Some of you have been asking and yes, I do have some new songs coming soon. I had to delay the recording because we just had a wonderful baby boy come into our lives recently. Wow! It really gives new meaning to life and It's like I'm living it all over again but this time, through my son. :)

Anyway, I am aiming to get the new songs tracked before this year is up. Thanks for the support and encouragement! In the meantime I will be uploading the rest of the songs from my present CD "The Woodshed Sessions" shortly.

BTW, I've had the honor of connecting with many wonderful and talented Indie artists over the past year. Please don't forget to check them out as well. You can find some of them on my Tweets, Facebook, and ReverbNation Favorites and Artist Recommendations sections. 

Send me a note if you like, always a pleasure.



Under The Carseat
Words & Music by Norm Zabala
© 2011 Norm Zabala (SOCAN) (SODRAC)

What have you done
You gave your heart away again to
someone who will just misplace it
She'll hide it in her purse
Until she can't find the keys
Then it'll all get emptied on the bed and lost under the blankets

How many times will she break your hopes and dreams
And leave all the pieces
under the carseat next to her lipstick and cream

So you better move on
and find the one who holds you, feels you, breathes you
Picks up all the broken parts
to fix with her own
Won't need to think twice
'cause you will know it's right this time
Just gather up your strength until that day is done

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