How The Music Lingered On

Hi everyone,

I just uploaded another track from my solo album "The Woodshed Sessions" and it is available for download here.

How The Music Lingered On (download link)

I hope you enjoy it. 

All the best,

Words & Music by Norm Zabala

© 2011 Norm Zabala (SOCAN) (SODRAC)

It's the same long road on which we travel
The same rewards that we seek
As the puzzle slowly unravels
What our pain tries to reveal

Too many hearts have died in sorrow
With bitter tears locked deep inside
So don't be slaves to your own egos
And don't be prisoners of your pride

If you think this road is getting longer
Just count the footsteps we left behind
If the love keeps getting stronger
The load gets lighter with every mile

So guard your dreams guard them close now
But don't let them be your God
'Cause you may still be here tomorrow
Even if your visions let you down

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