Voice Of A Prayer

Voice Of A Prayer
Words & Music by Norm Zabala
© 2011 Norm Zabala (SOCAN)

An overwhelming sadness just came over me
Accompanied by helpless despair
Lord help me find the answers so that I can be
More than just the voice of a prayer

Got the burden of others resting on my back
I'm starting to struggle with this heavy load
Pondering losses and the fortunes we lack
I'm starting to stumble every step on this road

Sometimes I'm a stranger on a parallel plane
Without a care or a frown
Nameless and aimless like a whispering rain
Laying my worries gently down on the ground

But if you should meet me in this alternate stream
Pretend not to know me, don't stop to chat
Don't want to deceive you with my avatar dream
So just walk on by, and leave it at that

'Cause when I recover from this momentary slumber
I'll be back here trudging through snow and sand
Dragging my load over and under
Every obstacle to where one day I will stand

An overwhelming feeling just came over me
Accompanied by lightness of air
Lord gave me an answer, told me to believe
Believe in the voice of a prayer

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